Herbals at GBC


Introducing Herbals at Green Blessings Center with Cheryl Drown, Certified Herbalist

Hi! it's Cheryl at Green Blessings Center. I've finished my herbal course and am now creating some wonderful and healthful products like creams, tinctures, teas, salves. These non chemical products are something we all can make and use and avoid commercial products that have so many side effects.

Cultured vegetables, kefir, and kombucha are becoming popular, even though they've been around for thousands of years. We now know that they are the very things that could help ease digestive issues by helping break down the food we eat, flooding our gut with good bacteria which fight bad bacteria, and boosting the immune system; they have made a world of difference for many people.

Let me show you how to live a heathier life by changing just a few things in your diet. It has given me lots more energy, helped with my moods and memory, and my digestion is greatly improved!

Call Cheryl at (203) 560-0230 to schedule a visit!