Due to the Coronavirus

Hi everyone! We are officially closed at least until April 22

Know that I’m thinking of you all and sending you healthy, pain free and relaxing wishes always 👐

I’m asking anyone who may be able to please consider purchasing gift cards for future use for yourself, friends and family! Not only from myself but remember your hair dresser, aesthetician, anyone you normally see as well. We want all of our small businesses to be able to come back after this but we need help!

Small business sole practitioners are not able to collect unemployment and are not able to swing a loan. But we CAN do this:

I can take credit cards over the phone and send virtual gift cards by text or email!

(The credit goes into the receivers account in my system, never expires but is non-transferable and non-refundable.) 

We may need to stagger redeeming gift cards (so everyone doesn’t redeem in the first month or we can’t break the cycle 😬) 

We WILL be back and I’m thankful that I have you all as part of Green Blessings Center’s family 🤗💗